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15 Mar


In 2014, APWA committed to financially support Ammar El-Ali, regain his speech and address his hearing and learning deficits. Ammar is a Palestinian refugee, and at the time he was barely three years old. This last February, Ammar turned five, and for the past two years of his young life, APWA has played an important role in providing him the necessary supportive systems to regain his hearing and speaking skills, and the nurturing environment to help him acquire the appropriate social skills.


Ammar was born in the Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra and Shattila (Beirut, Lebanon), but for the support of caring Americans he was bound to be deaf and mute. In 2014, arrangements were made to fly him and his mother to Toledo where an entire medical team was assembled to perform the necessary evaluation and procedures to help Ammar restore his hearing. All involved donated their time and service to cover Ammar’s cochlear implant and outfit him with his hearing aid. The first phase of his treatment was a huge success, but his physicians were concerned with Ammar’s next phase of recovery and development, which was to take place soon after he returns to the refugee camp. To address the second phase of Ammar’s recovery APWA committed to cover  Ammar’s therapy and counseling costs.

Ammar needed to be around normal children in a supportive environment, to help him develop his hearing, understand the spoken word, learn to speak, augment his social skills, and prepare him for his educational journey. APWA agreed to provide him the financial support to attend school, engage with peers and caring teachers, and access to the supportive systems he needs to overcome the loss of three critical years of his cognitive and social development. These resources were made available to Ammar so that he could develop his hearing, speaking, and social skills. While these fundamental skills are critical prerequisites for Ammar’s recovery and his intellectual and personal growth, they are of extreme importance to his social integration in school, community, and future success.


Since 2014, APWA  has provided the necessary funds to  provide Ammar access to the services that are crucial to his cognitive and social development. In Ammar’s case attending kindergarten provides him with an educationally rich environment that he critically needs. APWA made it possible for Ammar to daily engage with caring adults who attend to his needs, peer-to-peer relationships he desperately needs to develop his social competencies, and a sense of stability that children of all ages crave.

Specifically, APWA is offering indispensable financial aid to cover the cost of Ammar’s schooling at Beit Atfal Assamoud’s (Home of the Children of Sumud) (BAS) educational program, which is also known as The National Institution of Social Care & Vocational Training. Ammar has made a valiant effort to recover his hearing.  He continues to improve, but he still struggles with speech and language delays. This is due to the loss of three years of hearing. Which is not unusual, considering that children develop their language and speaking skills during the early formative years (1-3 years). Although Ammar continues to struggle to speak he has fully recovered his hearing, which in due time will help him become a fluent speaker and lead to his full recovery.

APWA is making every effort to ensure the necessary resources are available to Ammar. We plan to continue funding Ammar’s recovery until he regains his speech and becomes fully functional capable of meeting his school obligations. Nevertheless, without the support of the APWA community this could not be possible.  APWA is invested in Ammar’s full recovery and for the long haul. To that end, we hope you will contribute to Ammar’s fund. Please send your donations to: American Palestinian Women’s Association /Ammar’s Fund: 4800 Chowan Avenue, Alexandria, VA. 22312.

Thank you!

APWA is a non-profit organization under the IRS code 501(c)(3)

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