Stop the Hate: Enough Heartache and Sorrow

14 Jun


The American Palestinian Women’s Association family and community grieve for the victims of the shooting in Orlando, Florida. We stand in solidarity with the members of the LGBTQ community against hate and bigotry. Intolerance of one group is intolerance of all. The unjust cruelty that the LBGTQ community has suffered has deeply saddened our community and nation.

Our children, some of whom identify as LGBTQ, must be able to feel safe in their space, and wherever they choose to live, work, congregate, party, or simply play. The shooting that occurred in Orlando was a tragedy that should have never taken place. Those who died were innocent victims of an inexcusable act of violence.

In honor of the victims, we urge our members to reach out to their LBGTQ friends and neighbors and assure them that we stand with them in calling for the end of hate and affirm in words and action that we will not tolerate any form of bias against members of the LBGTQ community. With this in mind, we appeal to all members of our community to speak out against all forms of hate, prejudice, and violence against members of the LBGTQ community, and all and any group member of our community, because when one of us hurts, we all hurt.

While we recognize that no one group or any individual could wipe away the deep pain felt by the grieving survivors, the LBGTQ community, and our nation, we pray for the complete healing of the survivors, and the families and loved ones of those killed. Only compassion and love would heal, comfort and repair the hearts of the injured and anguished. By extending sincere tenderness and respect towards all Americans regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, faith, ethnicity, and national origin we can build the nation we desire, want, and ought to be.

Today onwards, we shall commit to work hard to rid our country from the hate that is consuming and injuring our nation. Our ultimate desire and comfort will be realized when such barbaric acts of violence are never again perpetrated against the LBGTQ community or any member of our beloved community.

Dr. Mai Abdul Rahman
American Palestinian Women’s Association



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