APWA: Spreading the Love of Music Among Young Palestinians

3 Dec

Since 2015, American Palestinian Women’s Association has provided music scholarships to young Palestinians. This year in particular, APWA is proud to have sponsored two young Palestinians who have shown a strong interest in learning and sharing their love of music.


During the last two years, APWA has sponsored the music education of young Palestinian students (2 each year) who attend Jenin’s Alkamandjati School of Music.

Here is how your contributions have helped APWA fund the music education of young Palestinians: For two years and counting, APWA has covered the weekly cost of 15 hours of individual and group music lessons for two young Palestinian students. This includes funding the cost of music theory lessons (2 hour), individual lesson (3 hours); and group music lessons: orchestra (4 hours), oriental ensemble (4 hours), and chamber music (2 hour). In addition, APWA covers the cost of its female scholarship recipients’ in the ‘Jadalya’ ensemble- a music group comprised of young Palestinian female musicians.

This year, your support has made it possible for APWA to fund the music education of Nadine Nazzal and Fadi Basha. While still young in years, Nadine and Fadi aspire to use their music education to improve their future prospects.

Nadine Nazaal (13) dreams of becoming a music teacher when she grows up.

APWA has covered the music education of Nadine Nazzal (13), who dreams of becoming a music teacher when she grows up. Watch Nadine as she plays her flute, which we hope will give you an additional incentive to support APWA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLB2grLjDCU

APWA has also funded the music education of Fadi Basha (17 years). His teachers and peers recognize Fadi’s exceptional talent, and  earnest desire to become a skilled violinist. Fadi’s hard work has paid off. Recently, Fadi was invited to participate in national and international musical festivals and tours.

Fadi Basha (17) a promising young violinist (far left).

APWA is proud to have played a small part in nourishing and cultivating Fadi’s love of music, which he unequivocally declares in this brief clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Dn97fMgqo&index=2&list=PLYU-NvDYBBye8o05CkEWeu-

Your support has made it possible for APWA to fund the musical education of four Palestinian youth. Your donation ensures APWA commits to funding the education of many more young Palestinians whether these youth aspire to become accomplished musicians or learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument just for the joy of it. Help us continue spreading the joy of music among young Palestinians-Thank you.

Mai Abdul Rahman

Your support matters. Please send your donations to:
American Palestinian Women’s Association
4800 Chowan Avenue
Alexandria, VA. 22312

One Response to “APWA: Spreading the Love of Music Among Young Palestinians”

  1. Ardyth Scott August 20, 2017 at 2:43 am #

    Hello, I am Ardyth Scott, a flutist and ESOL teacher in Nova. I am very interested in being notified of your activies, and am wondering if I can add my name to a email list? I read with interest the article online about the music scholarships your organization has provided for students at the Al Kamandjatic Music School in Jenin.

    I have just reurned from a summer in Palestine teaching flute at the Al Kamandjati summer workshops, and I have worked with both Nadine and Fadi, the two students you have supported. I can say whole-heartedly that these two young people are fine musicians, and very deserving of your support! I have spent the past two summers working with the Al Kamandjati schools across Palestine, and have performed with the Ramallah Orchestra for the past two summers, as well.

    I would appreciate hearing of any of your future events!

    Thank you!

    Ardyth Scott

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