Valentine Letter to America

13 Feb

It would be an understatement to suggest that the confusion and despair that has engulfed our nation is not troubling if not at times depressing. Nonetheless, a new political awakening is taking shape that is heartwarming and promising.

mai abdul rahman                   February, 2017


While some Americans are clinging to the past, the unfolding present is asserting a forgotten American vision- a untied and indivisible nation with liberty and justice for all. During the Woman’s March on Washington, DC, Americans of every stripe demonstrated their resolve to end the practice of exclusionary politics that privileged the few. Collectively, they sent President Trump and his political agents a clear message: dismissing the rights of Americans will be challenged. Since then, millions of Americans are rejecting the politics of division and fear that has ruined the reputation of millions of Americans, and facilitated the robbing of their rights.

The U.S. political system has been the exclusive domain of America’s dominant culture and its political elites. Concurrently, the social privileges of the dominant culture and its prejudicial attitudes have been transmitted and reproduced throughout the U.S. political system. This made it possible to dismiss and ignore the rights of Americans outside the U.S. centric social construct. Unchallenged, the dominant political class shaped the American political discourse and influenced U.S. legislative policies. In the meantime, the interplay and utility of  fear helped spawn institutional bias of citizens considered outside the dominant political culture. Consequently, the U.S. political system rendered status and full constitutional protections to some Americans, and suspended the constitutional rights of other Americans.

After the election of President Trump, millions of Americans have time and again stood side by side to denounce bigotry and hate. gettyimages-632287522_slide-dd0cdc47115cc7c17152c8d4bffd893dfc7f7260-1-1020x680Across this vast nation, daily peaceful demonstrations, vigils, marches, and act of solidarity are uncovering a compassionate America that was for far too long closeted and hidden from view.

In the midst of bewilderment and confusion, a new American vision is unfolding. While still budding and its success is still a distant promise, the organic nature and inclusiveness of this movement has engendered wide appeal as well as scorn. Much like past American social movements, the non-violent nature of this new evolving mass movement is being tested.

The future success of this new organic American mass movement will depend on the foresight, deliberate planning, persistence, and organizational skills of average Americans, and their ability to anticipate and respond to the many who will challenge their objectives. If successful, these Americans will help create an inclusive political paradigm that protects the rights and liberties of all of Americans- not just the few. In the meantime, a new narrative is forming to challenge the politics of fear and exclusion.images-1

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