Ramadan Mubarak

5 May

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims across the globe devote the entire month to thoughtful reflection, fasting, prayer, and compassion towards all God’s creatures. For example, for the past 1,440 Ramdans, Muslims are prohibited from hunting animals. Ramadan is dedicated for spiritual cleansing, repentance, redemption, healing, and giving. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims demonstrate their repentance through genuine acts of kindness towards others to mend the heart, soul, and health of the individual and community.

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Ramadan Kareem: May your acts of forgiveness and kindness grant you God’s grace and mercy

Muslims affectionately call  the 9th month of the Hijra calendar Ramadan Kareem, ‘Generous Ramadan’. It describes the heaps of rewards worshipers and community receive through prayfullness, genuine acts of compassion, forgiving, and altruistic acts of giving. Prayer and soul searching purify and rid the soul from harm committed by oneself. Genuine acts of mercy heal the worshiper and community. Tenderness and kindness towards the weak, poor, and suffering eases the burden of the distressed. Supplication, inner soul searching, and outward expressions of benevolence are performed to seek God’s pleasure and absolution.

Absolution requires sincere effort to awaken and recalibrate the conscience. Heartfelt reflection on the impact of ill deeds committed upon others and repentance, forgiving those who committed harm upon the individual and community, and easing the burden of the powerless, destitute, ill, heartbroken, and despondent.

Deliverance demands honest desire to alleviate suffering. For those of means it requires her to share her wealth with those in need, a friend, neighbor, or relative experiencing financial hardships, and by being kind, humane, and magnanimous. For those without the means genuine acts of forgiveness and the sharing a kind word, a smile, a warm greeting, and if possible sharing a meal is an expression of the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan. Whether giving or receiving there is a blessing and grace in each exchange.

Ramadan is a reminder of our shared responsibility towards one another, the less fortunate, and an affirmation that each of us has the means to make a difference.  Heartfelt prayer, self-examination, purposeful deeds centered on compassionate giving and healing bless the giver and receiver. Hence, Ramadan is believed to bring blessings to all mankind.

While supplication and self reflection expunge pain, genuine acts of compassion towards all God’s creatures are performed to receive God’s mercy. However, they are incomplete without attending to the needs of the weak, and easing the burden of the poor and suffering. Genuine care and benevolence towards those in need heals the heart and mends the soul.

Ramadan Mubarak to one and all! 

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