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IQraa: ‘Running for a brighter Palestine’

20 Apr

IQraa (read in Arabic) is kicking off its 2017 running campaign in May. IQraa is a non-partisan and non-political group with one specific goal, which IQraa clearly declares on it’s racing team shirts: ‘Running for a brighter Palestine‘.


American Palestinian Women’s Association (APWA) has supported IQraa since its inception- APWA members helped found IQraa, fielded runners and volunteered for IQraa, and our members have funded IQraa’s laudable objective. Needless to say, APWA and countless of others are invested in the continued success of IQraa.

Here is why: Since 2008, IQraa’s 148 runners and dedicated volunteers have raised more than $208,000 for United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)-implemented education projects. In 2016 alone, IQraa raised over $20,000, enough to fund about 20 student scholarships. The addition of one more Iqraa runner will make a huge difference in supporting the eduction of one more college student for an entire year. IQraa volunteers also earn hours for manning and coordinating training and race stations, which translates to direct funding IQraa from race organizers.

If you are a first time runner, running for IQraa is a great opportunity that would help you to train for a marathon, half-marathon, 5K or 10K, and also support the education of Palestinian youth. And if you are an avid runner you can run in your chosen race as an IQraa runner (at a local race or abroad as far as Athens). If not inclined to run or volunteer, you can sponsor an IQraa runner.

2017iqraagroupFor more info about IQraa please visit their web site, or read this article.

Feel free to forward the attached one page flyer to friends and colleagues or post on your bulletins Iqraa 2017 Info Flyer .

On Behalf of APWA, We Extend our Deepest Sympathies to the Qubain Family

17 Apr

Dear APWA members and friends,

We at American Palestinian Women’s Association are truly sorry to hear of the loss of Dr. Fahmi Qubain the founder of the Hope Fund:

On behalf of all of us at APWA, we extend our deepest sympathies to Helen and the Qubain family as they struggle through this period of grief. Dr. Qubain was a valuable asset to our community, and we along with them mourn his loss.

Dr. Qubain passed but his legacy will continue with the immanent success of the 35 Hope Fund students and scholars Dr. Qubain invested more than a decade in pursuit of offering them the best available education. Whether raised in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Syria,  Jordan or  the West Bank. East Jerusalem or Gaza- these promising future Palestinian doctors, lawyers, scientists, politicians and educators bode to be effective contributors of Palestinian society.

We know you will find support in your family, your friends, and the Hope Fund students who have been recipient of Dr. Qubain’s tireless work, boundless faith and commitment.

We are here to help in any way we can, and we hope you can count on us in these difficult times as we promise to continue our commitment to the Hope Fund- as we had done in the past.

Accordingly, in memory of Dr. Qubain and his diligent work to improve the future prospect of young Palestinians we will send the Hope Fund a check on behalf of APWA members. We also encourage APWA members and friends to support the Hope Fund  and the good work of both Dr. Qubain and his daughter Helen by directly contributing to the Hope Fund:


American Palestinian Women’s Association


Since 2004 American Palestinian Women’s Association is Serving our Community

20 Dec

 American Palestinian Women’s Association


“Bridging Cultures for a Brighter Future”

APWA is a non-profit, non-political, secular, organization, established in 2004 by concerned American Palestinian women in The Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

APWA aims to:

  • Address the needs of American Palestinian women and their families.
  • Build American Palestinian women’s capacity to improve their familial social, cultural and economic conditions.
  • Create support networks for American Palestinian women and their families for better and more effective integration in the U.S.
  • Introduce the Palestinian narrative thru cultural interaction to build cross-cultural bridges between and among our communities.

APWA is a non-profit organization under the IRS code 501(c)(3)